Governance & business administration

I am fully accredited by NCTL and I use their standards for this work. I have carried out a significant number of Reviews of Governance in both schools and academies:

  • Academy Trust Boards
  • Primary schools and academies
  • Secondary schools and academies
  • Short- Stay schools/ PRU /alternative provision
  • Special schools
  • Hospital schools

Reviews of Governance:

Based on DfE standards and guidelines, I focus on supporting Governing Bodies to enhance their effectiveness, and assist the school in rapidly improving their impact.

Predicated on a self-evaluation process, these reviews are not intended to replicate an Ofsted inspection; these reviews incorporate a review of the effectiveness of the chair of governors too.

Reviews of Business Administration

A review of the effectiveness of a school business administration function allows schools to understand their efficiency, identify improvement, deduce if they need to restructure, and support the recruit the right people.